Delivery and Refunds

How can I buy tickets?

So that buying your tickets is as easy as possible, we offer you different options:
• By Internet
• By mobile phone
• By telephone
• In our shop

Ticket sales by Internet
Buying your tickets by Internet not only saves you queuing, it also means you can consult your purchasing history at any time and in some cases you will also be able to print your tickets conveniently from home.

Ticket sale by telephone
If you want you can buy your tickets by means of our telephone service; you just need to call +34 93 66 77 877 and state the event you are interested in to the operator. Do not forget to have your credit card at hand and a contact telephone number.
At the end of the purchasing process, the operator will provide you with a reference number, which together with the credit card must be shown for the ticket collection.

To collect your tickets you must show:

  • Purchase reference number.
  • Your ID card or passport.
  • Bank card.

Someone other than the card holder will be able to collect the tickets showing the following documentation:

  • Purchase reference number.
  • Photocopy of the ID card or passport of the person collecting the tickets.
  • A page including:
    • Photocopy of the card used in the payment.
    • Photocopy of the ID or passport of the card holder.
    • Written authorization signed by the card holder.

Ticket sale in our Shop
Here you can buy your tickets or collect those you have bought by Internet or through our telephone sales system.
You can pay in cash, with credit and debit cards.

Methods of payment

All credit cards are accepted.

The ticket sales system is made through PayPal in order to guarantee a safe selling.

Checking the purchase

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with detailed information of the purchase you have just made. This e-mail may not arrive in your “In tray” since some internet services detect it as SPAM. We recommend you always look in the “Unwanted mail” section.

How do I get my tickets?

Once your purchase has been completed and you have received your confirmation e-mail, your tickets will be available for collection. We show you the collection options open to you for your ticket collection on both the final screen of the purchase and in the confirmation e-mail.

Policy of refunds and right of waiver

Refunds for previously bought tickets are not allowed. The impossibility of attending an event or show or the commission of an error on making the purchase of the ticket or tickets are not causes that allow refunds.

The user may not exercise the right of waiver or resolution, in accordance with the regulation in force in questions of consumerism and rules of retail trade.

TicketsBarcelona, as distributor, can only and exclusively proceed in the cancellation of the tickets and, therefore, to the refund of the amount when it receives the express order from the promoter of the event and/or show in the cases of cancellation, change of dates, etc.

TicketsBarcelona, before any change that occurs to an event or show, promises to:
a) Publish it on its website as soon as it knows about it, for the purpose of keeping the users duly informed.
b) Send a message to the e-mail indicated by the user when making the purchase informing them of these changes.
c) In the case that the promoter decides to proceed with refunding the amount, TicketsBarcelona will inform the user about the procedure adopted by the promoter for these purposes.

Refunds due to change or cancellation

You can check all the information referring to the changes and cancellations that our events may have experienced in the Changes and cancellations page.
In the case of cancellation, the refund may be made within a period of fifteen days from the date of the public announcement of the cancellation of the show. After this period, no refund will be accepted.

Purchases made by phone, Internet or ATMs:

The refund of the amount for the tickets will be carried out automatically to the card* with which the purchase was made within a period of approximately 3 to 15 working days.

(*The refund is made within a period of 3 to 10 working days following the notification we send you. To verify the payment, you should check the bank statement of the card (debit or credit) used for the purchase)

Purchases made in TicketsBarcelona centres:

The refund for the tickets purchased in the TicketsBarcelona centres must be processed in the same sales point where they were purchased.

Important note:

The aim of TicketsBarcelona is to provide its clients with a convenient and secure distribution network for buying tickets. Therefore:
• TicketsBarcelona does not take part in any organisational aspect of the events placed on sale and therefore has nothing to do with aspects such as acoustic quality, accessibility… Similarly, the contents, services and products which appear in the publicity and promotional actions of our website correspond solely and exclusively to their advertisers.
• The changes that occur after the start-up date of ticket sales such as changes of dates, venue, artists, cancellations… are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the promoter of the event.
Before any change that occurs:
• TicketsBarcelona promises to publish it on its website as soon as it knows of these changes in order to keep our users conveniently informed.
• TicketsBarcelona will send a message to the e-mail provided by the users when making their purchase, informing them of these changes.
• For the cases in which the promoter decides to refund the amount for the tickets purchased, TicketsBarcelona will follow their instructions at all times.